Psychotherapy and Counselling in Wimbledon


I offer psychotherapy and counselling working with individuals and couples. My aim is to provide a safe, confidential and contained environment for people to understand what is happening for them. The main basis of my approach is Transactional Analysis (TA). TA can be used as a cognitive-behavioural approach and a more relational approach with clients; it can help people gain an awareness and understanding of their patterns of behaviour. The philosophy of TA is: People are OK; Everyone has the capacity to think; People decide their own destiny and these decisions can be changed. This philosophy underpins my work with clients.

I work in English and British Sign Language.

I work with clients on a short-term and long-term basis. I only offer online sessions to UK residents as I am based in Hong Kong.

I have experience working with:

- Relationships
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Bereavement and loss
- Self Harm
- Confidence, self-esteem
- Family issues
- Relationship break up/divorce
- Redundancy/Retirement
- Stress

Whether you are struggling with motivation, find yourself in a difficult relationship, feeling low or anxious, you will have a safe and confidential place to explore what is happening with you and with other people in your life.

Please feel free to contact me either by phone, text or email on the link below to discuss your needs or if you have any questions.

Door (Small)

"Every wall is a door"
Ralph Waldo Emerson